Dangerous Household Chemicals

The seriousness on dangerous household chemicals has been grossly under reported by today’s news media. Have you ever wondered why we have so many illnesses, even with all the advancements of modern medical technology available? How many times have you heard a doctor comment that although they can tell you what the symptoms are, they cannot tell you what is causing you or a loved one to become ill?

Well, it’s because our modern, industrialized society is full of chemicals that our immune systems simply can’t cope with. Therefore we have become susceptible to many illnesses brought about by our environment and modern living, such as autoimmune disease, cancer, and many others that simply would not flourish today. All of this starts in our homes as we are exposed daily to dangerous household chemicals!
Yes, thanks to modern consumerism, our homes are havens of dangerous household chemicals. In an ideal situation, we would be breathing clean air, drinking fresh chemical free water, eating fresh healthy produce and our skins would not need any form of product to keep them young. But our lives are anything less than ideal!

Although we can do very little about the contaminants outside our home, we can minimize our exposure to dangerous household chemicals within our home. Regarding dangerous household chemicals in cleaning products, there are many alternatives.
Until the second world war, which was in fact the dawn of this chemical age, we used far simpler products to keep our homes clean. People in the early part of the 20th century did not suffer from the same illnesses that we are suffering from now. These illnesses did not exist years ago because people weren’t exposed to the huge numbers of dangerous household chemicals as they are now.
The proliferation of chemicals into the home in the last 50 years is in direct proportion to the increase of birth defects and diseases. We now have so many cleaners to choose from that get rid of so many germs. Many of these cleaners are cheap dollar store and supermarket brands that are chock full of toxins.

What people do not understand, is that by constantly using these cleaning chemicals in our homes, our resistance to colds and viruses will be severely compromised. Most certainly, it’s not in the best interest of our health and the health of our families to allow our homes to be a haven of dangerous household chemicals.